SCSA Ceremonial


Hosting Temples


Acacia & Habibi Shrines, Lafayette, LA



Bedouin Shrine, Muskogee, OK

Fun & Fellowship 

2022 Ceremonial: June 3-5

Host: Acacia Shrine - Baton Rouge, LA. and assisted by Habibi Shrine Lake Charles, LA.

How time flys. Here we are getting plans ready for our 2022 Ceremonial. I'm setting here typing this as Louisiana has just been hit with another terrible hurricane. We are praying for all our brothers and their famlies. I have been hearing from some that was hit hard but I hear everyone is safe. 

Hopefully with the storm behind us and those in Lousiana starting to rebuild we will be able to have a great Ceremonial in Lafayette LA. on June 3rd - 5th 2022. I know ILL Sir Chuck Coburn and his team have been working hard on setting up good venues and hotels to make our visit a fun and relaxing time. We will have pleaty of good fellowship and Shrine fun.

As we get closer and closer, start talking the ceremonial up to your Divan and Temple and start working on your Clown and Motor Corp units so they can plan on being there. This is a great opportunity to have fun...while we have a little friendly competition.

Date:   June 3-5, 2022

Host:   Acacia Shrine and assisted by Habibi Shrine

Place:  Lafayette, LA

Click on registration tab for registration information and forms. We are currently working on information and forms check back for more news.

Looking forward to a great ceremonial. Let's make SCSA an association that everyone wants to be a part of!


El Karubah Shrine, Shreveport, LA



Akdar Shrine,

Tulsa, OK