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Fun & Fellowship 

I hope everyone is looking forward to a great time in Monroe, LA for our 2019 Ceremonial Session. I know "Cash" and the Barak Team are working hard to make this a great session, full of fun and fellowship. After all...what is being a Shriner about? Fun and fellowship!

The team is working hard on getting more competitions this year and we need your help! Start talking the ceremonial up to your Divan and Temple and start working on your Clown and Motor Corp units so they can plan on being there. I'm excited to watch and see which Temple can really pull off the competition this year. A challenge? Yes it is! 

Maybe we'll even see some Duck Dynasty while there?!

Date:   May 2019

Host:   Barak Shrine

Place:  Monroe, LA

More information to come, including registration information and forms.

Looking forward to a great ceremonial. Let's make SCSA an association that everyone wants to be a part of!

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