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SCSA Ceremonial


Hosting Temples



Bedouin Shrine 

Muskogee, OK.


Scimitar Shrine

North Little Rock, AR.

North Little 


Jerusalem Shrine, Destrehan, LA



Barak Shrine,

Monroe, LA.

Fun & Fellowship 

2023 Ceremonial: June 1st - 4th

Host: El Karubah Shrine

Shreveport, LA.

How time fly's. Here we are getting plans ready for our 2023 Ceremonial. 

Ill. Sir Bill Rodriquez and Director General Noble Josh Mathews have been working to make this Ceremonial one to remember. Their goal is to ensure everyone that comes can relax, have a great time with plenty of fun and fellowship. While you are in Shreveport plan on visiting the Shriners Childrens Shreveport Clinic.   

As we get closer and closer, start talking the ceremonial up to your Divan and Temple and start working on your Clown and Motor Corp units so they can plan on being there. This is a great opportunity to have fun...while we have a little friendly competition.

Date:   June 1st - 4th 2023

Host:   El Karubah Shrine

Place:  Shreveport, LA.

Click on registration tab for registration information and forms. We are currently working on information and forms check back for more news.

Looking forward to a great ceremonial. Let's make SCSA an association that everyone wants to be a part of!

Association meeting are hard to put on and can be costly. We need everyone's help and remember your turn is coming up. PLEASE get your registrations  in as early as possible so we can better plan meals and events. Also EVERY Noble has to register.

2024 Ceremonial will be May 30th - June 2nd. Muskogee, OK.

2025  Ceremonial will be Mayn 29th - June 1st North Little Rock, AR.

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