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SCSA Ceremonial Agenda & Events

Hello Nobles and Ladies!


We are again looking forward to hosting all of you for the South Central Shrine Association Summer Ceremonial on June 3rd – 5th! I am writing this letter to let you know what we want to accomplish with the weekend and to let you know what to expect when you come.


Unlike the last time we hosted, we do not have as many activities scheduled, but we have done this on purpose. With the COVID-19 situation cancelling last year’s event as well as the Imperial session, we know that people have not been able to get together between temples in quite some time. With that in mind, we went light on the activities and heavy on the fellowship. There is no doubt that everyone will be looking forward to catching up with each other!

Just like last time, we will have transportation available throughout the weekend to get you where you need to go.


We want this to be a relaxing time for you and a time where you do not have to worry about getting yourself somewhere. There will be two vans available to get people where they need to go. When you arrive at the registration table, we will have a transportation schedule available to you just like 2019. As you look at the registration form and schedule, you will see that we have quite a few events right by the hotel that you will not even have to take a van to get to. There is a new activity center that has opened up right down the street from the hotel that has bowling, arcades, pool and even a golf simulator that we will happily take you to if you want to do something there.


One improvement that we have made from the last time we hosted is the area that we will be conducting the motor corps competition. The parking lot that we have rented is very flat and smooth with plenty of room, so we anticipate being able to really have a great course run. We also had the clown competition scheduled at the same time as motor corps last time, so we have changed that up and will have motor corps on Friday and the clown competition will be held on Saturday after the parade. Our team believes that the competitions are one of most important aspects of what we do in Shrinedom and want to make sure you can watch or participate in both.


The Potentate’s Ball this year has again been scheduled in conjunction with this event. The theme is “AFI’s Top 40 Films of All Time” and it will be celebrating Barak Shrine Temple’s 40th Anniversary. This event will have the awards ceremony, a meal served, an open bar, and a live band for your entertainment.


On this site, you will find a registration form, hotel information, contact information and a tentative schedule of events for the weekend. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me or one of the Co-Director Generals, Bruce Osbon and Cash Melville. If we do not get back to you quickly, tray us again as you never know what might be eaten in cyberspace. We will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. We look forward to renewing old friendships very very soon!



Scott Oglesbee
Barak Shrine Temple
(318) 537-3694


M. Cash Melville, P.P. Co-Director General
South Central Shrine Association (985) 807-8299


Bruce Osbon, P.P.
Co-Director General
South Central Shrine Association (318) 953-0044


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